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Our Story

Welcome to our artisan aromatic herbal tea company!

At our company, we are passionate about all things tea and are dedicated to sourcing and offering the highest quality aromatic herbal teas from around the world. We believe in the power of herbs to nourish and support the body, and we are committed to sharing the benefits of aromatic herbal tea with our customers.

Our team of tea experts works tirelessly to discover and curate a selection of the finest herbal teas available. From classic favorites like chamomile and peppermint, to rare and exotic blends, we have something for every tea lover.

All of our teas are carefully crafted by skilled artisans using traditional methods, and we are proud to support small, independent tea producers around the world. Our teas are all using natural ingredients, making them a healthy and sustainable choice for you and the planet.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our teas. We hope you will join us on this journey to discover the magic and wonder of aromatic herbal tea.

Thank you for choosing our artisan aromatic herbal tea company!

"Herbal teas are a delicious way to nourish your body, mind and soul!"
Eddy Chow

Who We Are

Eddy Chow

Meet Mr. Eddy Chow, the best herbal tea maker in town. With his background in botany and herbs, Eddy has a deep understanding of the medicinal properties of different plants and how to blend them to create the most delicious and healthful teas.

Eddy’s passion for herbal tea began when he was a young boy, growing up in a small village in the countryside. He spent his days exploring the forests and fields, gathering herbs and learning about their unique properties. As he grew older, Eddy studied botany and herbs in more depth, learning how to cultivate and harvest different plants in the most sustainable and ethical way.

Today, Eddy is known for his exceptional herbal teas, which are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients. His blends are carefully formulated to support various health goals, from boosting the immune system to reducing stress and promoting sleep. Each tea is a work of art, carefully balanced and blended to create the perfect flavor and therapeutic effect.


Mrs. Deemar is a true trailblazer in the world of tea. As a coordinator and empowerment expert for tea farmers in and around Bandung, Indonesia, Deemar is dedicated to helping small-scale farmers succeed in the tea industry.

Deemar has always been passionate about the power of tea to bring people together and improve lives. She grew up on a tea farm in Indonesia, where she learned firsthand the hard work and dedication that goes into cultivating and harvesting this beloved beverage. Deemar was determined to make a difference in the industry, and she spent years studying agriculture and business management, learning all she could about the tea business.

Today, Deemar is a respected leader in the tea community, working tirelessly to support and empower small-scale farmers in her region. She works with farmers to help them improve the quality of their tea, increase their yields, and find markets for their products. She also helps farmers to develop sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring that the tea industry has a bright and sustainable future.

With her passion, expertise, and dedication to empowering others, Mrs. Deemar is an invaluable asset to the tea community.

Kang Manul

Mr. Kang Manul is a seasoned online marketer with over six years of experience in the industry. Since 2015, he has been actively selling products on a variety of online platforms, including eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, Alibaba, and Go4World.

Kang is a master of digital marketing, with a deep understanding of how to reach and engage customers online. He is skilled in market research, product sourcing, branding, and marketing, and has a keen eye for identifying trends and opportunities in the e-commerce space.

Over the years, Kang has built a strong reputation as a trusted and reliable seller, with a long list of satisfied customers. He takes great pride in the products he sells and is always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for his customers.

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