Herbal Tea Gift Box – 5 Different Taste (5 Units Teabags)


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Herbal Tea Gift Box – 5 Different Taste (5 Units Teabags)

Introducing the ultimate herbal tea gift box, filled with five unique and delicious blends that delight tea lovers of all kinds. This gift box contains:

  1. Blue Tea with Dried Grapes: This unique blend combines the antioxidant-rich properties of blue tea with the sweet, fruity flavor of dried grapes. Perfect for boosting the immune system and supporting overall health and wellness.
  2. Green Tea with Honey and Dried Lemon: This refreshing blend combines the health benefits of green tea with the sweet, soothing taste of honey and the zesty flavor of dried lemon. Perfect for aiding in digestion and promoting feelings of relaxation.
  3. Black Tea with Rose Petals: This aromatic blend combines the bold flavor of black tea with the delicate fragrance of rose petals. Perfect for reducing stress and improving sleep.
  4. Hibiscus Tea with Orange Peel: This tangy blend combines the tartness of hibiscus tea with the refreshing citrus flavor of orange peel. Perfect for supporting weight loss and improving skin health.
  5. Green Tea Pekoe with Jasmine Flowers: This elegant blend combines the rich flavor of green tea pekoe with the floral aroma of jasmine flowers. Perfect for improving brain function and reducing the risk of certain diseases.

This gift box is the perfect way to try a variety of herbal teas and discover the many health benefits they offer. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind after a long day or support your overall health and wellness, these herbal teas have something for everyone. Order your gift box today and discover the magic of herbal tea!


Product Specifications:

  • Tea Gift Set Package
  • 5 tea bags
  • 1 teabag = 2 grams
  • Has 5 different flavors: Blue Tea with Dried Grapes, Green Tea with Honey and Dried Lemon, Black Tea with Rose Petals, Hibiscus Tea with Orange Peel, and Green Tea Pekoe with Jasmine Flowers.
  • Produced by: Helianthus, Bandung Indonesia.
Weight 1 lbs
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